Our Time-Tested History

1960s-1970s – Lumber Boom

In the late 1960s lumber prices rose dramatically. A local Portland wholesale company, American International Forest Products (AIFP), did well in this speculative and volatile time and would soon be acquired for stock by Forest City Enterprises (FCE).  In early 1971 Jack McKinnon became President of AIFP, a subsidiary of FCE.

1974 – Dramatic Expansion

Under McKinnon’s leadership and innovative thinking a new spirit was born. He saw the value of an expansion business model that met the challenges of a changing industry while providing opportunity for entrepreneurial traders. Consistent with the industry practice, companies were opened close to their source of product. In 1974, AIFP Trading Group was established as a corporate office to handle the growing management and financial functions of the trading companies. This name was later changed to Forest City Trading Group. From 1970 to 1983, FCTG opened ten additional operating companies.

1980s-90s – Our Companies Mature

Through 80s & 90s our companies became well established. Each started as a niche business and grew into a competitive entity of their own. The vision of the company’s leaders would put us in the forefront of our industry with state of the art computer systems and services, trader training, risk management and transportation efficiencies. Many of these innovations have yet to be matched in our industry.

2004 – We Become Employee-Owned

In 2004, Forest City Trading Group was presented with the opportunity to become an employee owned company and control their own destiny. After an overwhelming response by our employee group to participate in this purchase, a 35 year solid relationship with Forest City Enterprises came to a close.

Today – Onward & Upward

Today, as an employee owned company we are thriving and energized. We will earn your respect and provide exceptional service through hard work, ingenuity and integrity. We will continue to strive for excellence in every aspect of our business. We view each challenge as an opportunity for our future.

The Story Continues With You

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