Trading Partners rely on us to connect supply with demand

We forge strategic connections between and provide services for businesses who supply or purchase building products.

Our Service Areas

The traders who work at our companies connect supply with demand, provide solutions for challenges, and meet opportunity with strategy.


Our traders know the market for building products inside and out. They help you discover how to best position your products and find buyers.


We work with global companies to determine which building products will best fit their needs and connect them with supply.

Price Discovery

We know what’s selling, what’s not, and what’s needed by whom. This is the kind of insight businesses need to discover the best price for their products.

Inventory Management

Our traders work closely with our suppliers and customers to have product where and when you need it.

Risk Management

Today’s market environment presents an increased amount of volatility in lumber and other building products. We help identify and define our suppliers and customers risks and provide unique pricing mechanisms that can protect margins and provide consistent product flows.


In 2016, we moved over 188,000 truckloads and carloads of lumber and building products. We identify the right equipment, carrier and distribution for your company’s needs.

Supply Chain

With a broad supply base of over 1,800 active suppliers and 7,500 customers, we are the critical link in your supply.

Discovering Demand

We pioneer new markets and help innovative products find channel opportunities.

Come meet the family

We are comprised of 13 companies, each of whom has a unique set of expertise that they provide nationwide.

Where do we help customers sell?

If you've got a quality product, we have a market waiting to hear about it.