We forge strategic connections between and provide services for businesses who supply or purchase building products.

Our Services

Our ACTION gets your partnerships expanding. Our GLOBAL VIEW sees ahead in ways you
can’t. And our TENACITY gets your inventory moving.

  • Global Sourcing

    We use our sourcing and logistics expertise to help companies determine which products they need in order to efficiently connect them with supply.

  • Price Discovery

    With a volatile and rapidly changing supply picture, we know what’s selling, what’s not, what’s needed, and who needs it. Our insight into supply, demand, and transportation brings a perspective our partners can use.

  • Inventory Management

    Our traders work closely with our suppliers and customers to manage high volumes of inventory close to end markets. So your product is ready when and where you need it.

  • Risk Management

    We take on risk and manage volatility of products and markets so our trade partners can produce, sell, and buy consistently—and protect margins and product flows.

  • Logistics & Supply

    With a broad supply base of over 1,750 active suppliers and 9,000 customers, we are the critical link in your supply.

  • Discovering Demand

    We pioneer new markets and help innovative products find channel opportunities.

Our Promise

We use our industry expertise to drive progress and work for you.

We back up our word with CAPITAL AND SCALE.

We are the most EFFICIENT link in the supply chain.

We invest in new TECHNOLOGIES.

We work to make business EASIER.

We recruit, hire and train WORLD-CLASS TALENT.

We COLLABORATE closely with our partners for the long term.

We FIND SOLUTIONS to the toughest problems.

Our Reach

We are where you want to be and need to be—in markets across the globe. If you've got a quality product, we have a market waiting to hear about it.

The Companies that Make Up FCTG

We are comprised of 12 companies, each with a unique set of expertise. And we’re ready to get to work.

Our Companies

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We’re ready to get to work for your business.