Relentless for our partners

We help build tomorrow. When a home is built in the US, there’s a strong chance we helped buy or sell the material or product.

This is all made possible by our holistic view of markets, openness to change, efficiency, and drive to innovate.

employees working together as a teamemployees working together as a team

Built on a foundation of trust

Our companies help market or purchase building products, but ultimately we are in the relationship business. Customer service is of great importance to us.

For the past 60 years, our company has been powered by people who don't make promises lightly. Our respected reputation has been built on years of keeping our word and valuing our customers.

Leading good people to do great things

Board of Directors   

Craig Johnston
Derrick Coder
President, FCTG
Bruce Johnson
Senior Advisor
Dave Goodknight
Member, Board of Directors
David Cox
President, Richmond International Forest Products, LLC
Jon Curley
Member, Board of Directors
Keith Butcher
Member, Board of Directors
Brian Shepley
Trader Representative, Board of Directors
Rich Callahan
Member, Board of Directors

Corporate Leadership

Craig Johnston
Chief Executive Officer
Derrick Coder
Jacob Twain
Chief Financial Officer
Scott Elston
VP, Business Development
Jennifer Hogge
VP, Human Resources
JoDee Keegan
VP, General Counsel
Kerry Cakebread
VP, Information Technology and Systems

Operating Company Leadership

Chris Vaughan
President, Affiliated Resources LLC
David Cox
President, Richmond International Forest Products, LLC
Michael Kassouf
President, Southern Mississippi Trading, LLC
Gerry Pankratz
President, Olympic Industries, ULC
Jim Dermody
President, Seaboard International Forest Products, LLC
Joe Brown
President, Tampa International Forest Products, LLC
John Vranizan
President, American International Forest Products, LLC
Matt Vaughan
President, Buckeye Pacific, LLC and Buckeye Mats
Shane Naish
President, Birmingham International Forest Products, LLC
Tom Hamilton
President, Viking Forest Products, LLC and Viking Mats
Troy Bailey
President, Plateau Forest Products, LLC

Stewards of sustainability

We are honored to trade one of the most sustainable materials in the world. The "manufacturing facility" to produce wood is a forest that provides animal habitats and actually cleans the air instead of polluting it. Once harvested and put to use, timber contributes to the capture and sequestering of CO2 instead of releasing it into the atmosphere. Processing wood uses less energy and produces less pollution than other major manufactured building materials.

FCTG employeesFCTG employees

Giving back and getting involved

We invest in the communities where we live and work. We do so by actively participating in charitable initiatives, we pay for employee time to do volunteer work and we match their contributions.

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