Your Partners in Success

We are are a perfect storm of fire, brains, and loyalty. Together, we make it rain.

When you engage a Forest City trader, you are immediately in the game.

Proven Success

Each trader at our companies has been tested on the battlefield, and their place on our team is a badge of honor they earned through repeated successes on behalf of customers and suppliers. Our traders span generations, combining the wisdom and perspective of those who have been traders for decades, with the passion, innovation, and modern approach of our younger generation of traders.


Every trade our companies set up plays a role in the success of our suppliers, our customers, and ultimately in the success of Forest City. Our traders don't make promises lightly. We keep our word – especially on timing and price. As Peter Drucker observed, “What gets measured, gets done." We couldn't agree more. Accountability is what trust is built on.


Craig Johnston was appointed President and CEO on February 1, 2006. Craig has spent his entire career with Forest City, starting out as a trader trainee with American International Forest Products in May of 1981.

Meet Our Company Leaders

Carpe Diem

What makes our team jump out of bed in the morning?

Limitless Future

Across the board, you'll find our traders are incredibly driven human beings. Our flavor of challenge happens to appeal to those with not only talent, but passion. Back this up with our extensive training, and you have a career with limitless growth opportunities. Maybe that's why we have one of the highest retention rates in the industry.

A Culture of Excellence

Mentorship, camaraderie, support. If you like movies where the hero climbs a mountain to gain forbidden martial arts skills with a few other souls whose tenacity and grit make them into an elite ninja squad, then you'll like it here. We create the secret weapons of the trading world.

Impacting the Economy

One out of every 10 houses built in the US contains a material or product which we've helped buy or sell. When our traders say "yes", it is a promise built on an earned foundation of trust – the kind of iron-clad faith that inspires business owners to make million-dollar decisions. Our traders help shape the nation's economy.

Career Opportunities

Wood & Sustainability

We are honored to trade one of the most sustainable materials in the world. It literally regrows itself. The "manufacturing facility" to produce wood is a forest that provides animal habitat and actually cleans the air instead of polluting it. Once harvested and put to use, timber contributes to the capture and sequestering of CO2 instead of releasing it into the atmosphere. Processing wood uses less energy and produces less pollution than other major manufactured building materials.

Our Environmental Statement